Heli-Canyoning in the Yorkshire Dales – who’s in?

Heli-canyoning is an exciting new opportunity you cannot miss. Thrill-seeking is an understatement when you fly in a helicopter over the majestic Yorkshire Dales to the top of the highest cascading waterfall in England then abseil down it’s 11 waterfalls with water gushing over head. Yes people have done it but it is pricey, the helicopter is £2880 inc vat (at time of writing)  one way then  there is the cost of the canyoning the inexpensive bit £120 each inc vat , then road transport back £350 (hurrah no vat). Maximum number 6 people on flight. Working out at £660 each for 6 people.


Canyoning in the Yorkshire Dales

Your adventure starts at Leeds Bradford Airport, where you’ll hop on the helicopter that will cruise through the air at around 125 mph at an approximate altitude of 2000ft. The helicopter is a comfortable Bell LongRanger LIII which has space for 6 passengers and 1 crew. With a flight time of 35 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to take in the amazing views across the Yorkshire Dales.

After arriving in style (with no need to walk up the hill) you will put on the warmest wet suits on the market and highest quality equipment. We will brief you and demonstrate how to use the equipment. Then we’ll begin our descent of this amazing series of waterfalls which are called Cautley Spout.

The broken cascade of falls tumbles a total of 650 feet (198 m) down a cliff face at the head of a wild and bleak glacial valley that flows down from a high plateau called The Calf, where the helicopter will land. Cautley Spout is in the Howgill Fells in Cumbria on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Due to the nature of this terrain you will encounter multiple small and large abseils, jumps and drops. Your friendly guide will teach you the various rope work techniques and technical skills required to descend safely.

So what is Heli-Canyoning?

In short, Helicopter + Canyoning = Heli-Canyoning. Canyoning is the descent of a steep watercourse which includes using more advanced techniques than those typically used in gorge walking and ghyll scrambling.

Book Your Heli-Canyoning Adventure

Please call or email to check your chosen dates. Heli – Canyoning is a very specialist activity and we need to make sure we have instructors and flights available on your chosen date. We currently have a waiting list which is available to individuals and small groups which helps to reduce the cost per person.

Please read our Terms and Conditions Prior to Booking

Heli-Canyoning FAQ’s.

  1. What ‘s included?
    • Briefing
    • A Scenic Helicopter Flight over the Yorkshire Dales for approximately 35mins
    • An Amazing Descent of Englands Largest Cascading Waterfall
    • Video Footage of Your Experience
    • All Safety Equipment including purpose made Canyoneering Suits.
    • A Friendly, Highly Qualified Canyoning Instructor
    • Return transport to Leeds
  2. How fit do I need to be?
    You will need a moderate fitness level is required to participate in this activity. As we class heli-canyoning as an intermediate level, prior experience in gorge walking and abseiling is necessary to enjoy and negotiate the waterfalls and rocks.
  3. Why choose How Stean Gorge?
    You will be safely cared for by our professional experienced instructors who operate in many Canyons throughout the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.
  4. All our Canyoning Guides have received training from the UK Canyon Guide Association, so you can be assured we operate at the highest possible standard as your safety and enjoyment is our highest priority. With heli-canyoning there’s no walking 600m up a hill before you start, as you are straight out of the helicopter and onto your activity.
  5. We offer the real thing. Many outdoor providers offer canyoning but unfortunately mis-sell the customer gorge walking or ghyll scrambling and therefore do not deliver a true canyoning experience.
  6. Can I take the whole family?
    You and your family must have completed the gorge walking and abseiling session at How Stean Gorge or had some prior experience of abseiling to ensure you will be able to conquer the largest waterfall in England. If in doubt please contact a member of our team.
  7. What is the minimum number of people I can book?
    We require a minimum of two people – please see ‘How much does it cost’ section in question 1 for details.
  8. Where do we meet?
    Leeds Bradford Airport, Yorkshire.

Please complete you consent form before arrival by clicking the ‘View Required Documents’ tab on your booking invoice, this will allow you to complete the forms online.

Completing before hand will mean we can get straight out on activities without delay.

If you are organising a group booking you are able to send a consent form directly to all participants via email or by copying your unique link by clicking the ‘share’ tab. The group organiser can share this link on any social media platform Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc

For a young person under the age of 18 this this need to be completed by the parent or guardian.

What do I need to bring?

You will need swimwear to wear underneath the wetsuit! For footwear we recommend you bring along trainers or boots and you will also need a towel for drying off afterwards. We will supply all your personal safety/protective equipment, the very best purpose made Canyoning wetsuits, neoprene socks, gloves and hood.

The canyoning was epic! It was well worth the money and I would recommend it to everyone. What made this canyoning different to me was the amount of technical rope work involved. The canyon consisted of 5+ waterfalls which had to be abseiled down. Although slightly tricky after the first couple of descents we all got the hang off it and good job to as the largest abseil directly down a waterfall created an experience that will never be forgotten! Many thanks to the How Stean crew and especially to Stan for making our adventure memorable. Nic K - Tripadvisor

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