Nidderdale Orienteering

North Yorkshire orienteering

One of the most breathtaking places for North Yorkshire orienteering, Nidderdale is the perfect place to practise navigation skills, using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse terrain. If you’re lucky you’ll see unspoilt wildlife including beautiful flora, rare animals and birds along the way!

What to Expect

Left to your own devices in your groups, you will be given a topographical orienteering map, which you will use to find key points! Your instructor will make sure your group is happy with how to use the map and compass and ensure you have torches if needed. They will also get you up to speed on boundaries and timings as well as setting meeting points along the route. You will also be given strategies to employ if you think you are lost. Above all, this is a fun and challenging experience which relies on real team effort and can give you valuable skills for life.

Personal Development

There are several personal development benefits to be gained from North Yorkshire orienteering – especially rewarding if you’re trying it as part of a school trip or team building activity:

  • Strengthen communication skills – Brainstorming and working as a team is essential to finding your way during an orienteering experience.
  • Learn to trust – Relying on one another’s strengths is key when attempting orienteering somewhere unfamiliar.
  • Build self-confidence – Orenteering is a new skill for many in the age of Google Maps and is an effective way to develop self-belief and confidence to try new and scary things, overcome fears and build resilience.
  • Become reflective – Evaluating your own and others’ experience in order to spot strengths and weaknesses to build on for next time!

*This activity is also available as a residential or school day trip activity. Please see our educational package details here.

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