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We have made a few changes to all our activities and the way we operate to keep our instructors and guests safe during these times.

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Caving  in Yorkshire

Discover the world of caving in Yorkshire and explore the horizontal and vertical underground passages of Nidderdale. In addition to the caving at How Stean, you will explore other caves within Nidderdale. You will find yourself wading through water, climbing underground waterfalls and sliding through the mud!

What to Expect

3 Customers enjoy their trip through the caves at Yorkshire Dales Caving UK

Prepare to be amazed by caving, or spelunking for our American friends! Hidden in the caves beneath your feet there are miles of rifts, tunnels and chambers waiting to be discovered. There are many amazing sights to be encountered as you climb, scramble and slide around Nidderdale and the rest of the Yorkshire Dales. Here at How Stean Gorge we are lucky enough to have some of the most exciting, beautiful caves in the UK, and our fantastic, trained instructors are ready to take you on a fantastic cave adventure.

So many people will turn up excited by the prospect of exploring, but asking what is caving? The answer is simple enough – it’s the recreational exploring of underground caves. However, the experience is something you will never forget, there is something truly unique and exciting about traversing a natural wonder like this.

Walk, climb, abseil or crawl – but whatever you do, don’t expect to keep clean! During a caving adventure, you could find yourself wading through water, climbing underground waterfalls and sliding through the mud. If you’re looking for something a bit different and don’t mind getting dirty then this is for you.

There are numerous options and routes with varying difficulty, so if small spaces aren’t your thing no need to worry – we can explore a more open route. We are happy to tailor your caving experience to suit you and make sure that this is an adventure you won’t forget!

Personal Development

There are several personal development benefits to be gained from caving – especially rewarding if you’re trying it as part of a school trip or team building activity:

  • Strengthen communication skills – Knowing where to go in the dark windy passages is largely dependent on listening to your guide!
  • Learn to trust – It takes a lot to trust to follow someone into a small space underground! This experience really pushes you to rely on your instructor and let go.
  • Build self-confidence – Caving is an effective way to develop self-belief and confidence to try new and scary things, overcome fears and build resilience – particularly if you are claustrophobic.
  • Become reflective – Evaluating your own and others’ experience in order to spot strengths and weaknesses to build on for next time!

*Caving is also available as a residential or school day trip activity. Please see our educational package details here.


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Caving in The Yorkshire Dales

Whether you’ve never been caving before or you’re an experienced potholer, there’s lots for you to explore underground in the Yorkshire Dales. Our professional outdoor adventure team will tailor each session to suit your needs and abilities.

Each session is a half day adventure. If you’re after a full day of caving, there are several sites to choose from to double up your day – or why not try one of our other outdoor activities?

Yorkshire boasts some of the best opportunities to explore caves in the country – and How Stean Gorge is the place to discover more.

Please read our Terms and Conditions Prior to Booking

Caving FAQs

How much does it cost?
This 3 hour experience costs

1 Guest = £190

2 Guests = £115pp

3 Guests = £85pp

4 Guests = £70pp

5 – 8 Guests = £60pp

If you cannot see any available space on our bookings calendar, please contact us on 01423 755666. We often have additional instructors onsite and we will do our best to facilitate you

£70 per person on our Open sessions

Our sessions start at 09.30 am and 1.30pm daily. Please arrive approximately 30 mins before your start time.

What’s included?

  • Caving experience
  • Detailed briefing
  • All safety equipment
  • Caving Suit, knee pads, wellington boots, helmet & head torch
  • A friendly, highly-qualified caving instructor

How fit do I need to be?
You will need to have a basic fitness level to participate in this session, but if you are up for a challenge we can take a more challenging route.

Why choose How Stean Gorge?
You will be safely cared for by our friendly, professional, highly-experienced instructors who hold British Caving Association qualifications: either the Local Cave Mine Leader Award (LCMLA) or the Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC).

At How Stean, we have the highest quality equipment and facilities to ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy your experience.

Can I take the whole family?
Of course! Anybody aged 7 years and above can go caving. Those who do not take part can watch some of the other activities from the bridge. While away the rest of the time exploring the gorge and caves tourist attraction or enjoying refreshments in our onsite cafe.

What is the minimum number of people I can book?
No minimum number to book, just make sure you book in advance. It’s great fun for stag and hen parties and groups of friends and family.

Where do we meet?
At How Stean Gorge – you’ll meet the instructors in the reception area. Our postcode for your satnav is: HG3 5SY.

Please note: you will need to provide your own transport to our caving activities from How Stean which is a very short drive away.

Please complete you consent form before arrival by clicking the ‘View Required Documents’ tab on your booking invoice, this will allow you to complete the forms online.

Completing before hand will mean we can get straight out on activities without delay.

If you are organising a group booking you are able to send a consent form directly to all participants via email or by copying your unique link by clicking the ‘share’ tab. The group organiser can share this link on any social media platform Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc

For a young person under the age of 18 this this need to be completed by the parent or guardian.

What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes and wellies. We supply all safety equipment including a caving suit and knee pads. However, you won’t stay clean – so please bring a towel and change of clothes!

Visited for a caving and abseiling experience day with my partner. We loved every minute, the guides were very friendly and patient, and made their greatest effort to make our visit as exciting as possible! We definitely plan to come back in the summer to look around the gorge and take part in another activity! ***** 5 stars Holly Kettlewell

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