If you’re up for a challenge then a canyoning adventure may be the one for you – but what should you know before you give canyoning a go? Read on for a run-down of what canyoning is, what equipment you’ll need, how you should prepare and what you can do to ensure maximum enjoyment!

What is Canyoning?

Let’s get one thing straight right away: canyoning is not the same as gorge walking. Canyoning is the ‘big brother’ of gorge walking and ghyll scrambling. It involves using ropes and more advanced techniques to descend waterfalls.

Canyoning combines the scrambling skills of gorge walking, the ropework skills of abseiling and the fundamentals of rock climbing into one massive adventure experience.

How to Prepare for Canyoning

We strongly recommend that you take part in a gorge walking or ghyll scrambling activity before you try canyoning. This helps you to become comfortable moving over slippery rocks in fast flowing water and can serve as a mini training course for some of the techniques that you will need to learn.

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to go canyoning but you’ll need to be used to a little bit of physical exertion. You’re likely to have a big walk in to start your day and need to be fresh enough to concentrate even towards the end of the day.

What Equipment Do I Need for Canyoning?

At How Stean Gorge we provide all of the personal safety equipment you’ll need for canyoning in the UK. This includes a helmet to protect your head, a wetsuit with neoprene socks and gloves to keep you warm, and a specialist harness for attaching yourself to the safety lines.

To get the most from your day you are going to need something to wear under your wetsuit (swimwear is ideal), appropriate footwear (trainers you don’t mind getting wet) and a towel and change of clothes for afterwards.

Some Quick Canyoning Tips:

Canyoning at How Stean Gorge1. Be organised for a quick start and move quickly when you can (such as on the walk in) so you have plenty of time to learn the ropes and savour the experience on the way down.
2. Don’t rush! Take as much time as you need to get things right first time as you tackle each stage of the day and only do things you know you CAN do!
3. Listen to your guide! How Stean Gorge’s guides can help you to help yourself based on years of relevant experience and expertise!
4. Take some energy-boosting snacks with you – you’ll need them!
5. Make sure you have fun!

Canyoning is an amazing outdoor activity if you’re well-prepared, and we hope that these tips have helped you get a sense of what canyoning is all about.

With How Stean Gorge, we do canyoning on England’s highest cascade waterfall: Cautley Spout in the Yorkshire Dales. For more information, check out our dedicated Canyoning page and enquire today!