Canyoning and gorge walking are a collective term for combined rock and water adventures where you are journeying by foot along a river system, gorge or canyon. So what are the differences between gorge walking and canyoning? This post will outline the main differences to help you decide which activity would be best for you.

Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking at How Stean Gorge

Gorge walking in basic terms is walking and climbing up a gorge.

Gorge walking has no bank at either side of the water so there the only way forward is through the water. This often involves climbing, small jumps and scrambling with occasionally some small slides, wading through the river and climbing behind waterfalls.

Gorge walking is a lower level activity, making it the perfect introduction to combined water and rock sports. As it is less challenging, gorge walking is ideal for families, youth groups and corporate groups. Make sure you read our previous post on what to wear while gorge walking!

At How Stean Gorge, we offer the exhilarating option of starting your gorge walking experience by abseiling into the gorge.


Canyoning with How Stean Gorge

Canyoning is the big brother of gorge walking.

Canyoning is a more challenging environment as it involves abseiling, bigger jumps, big slides or rock flumes and zip lines may be created to safely pass waterfalls. With the right instructors, canyoning is a safe experience whilst being extremely adventurous and fun!

At How Stean Gorge, we offer the thrilling opportunity to achieve a vertical descent down Cautley Spout, the highest cascading waterfall in England. If you already love canyoning and are seeking a greater thrill give Heli-Canyoning a go with How Stean Gorge.

Summary of the Main Differences between Gorge Walking and Canyoning

– Gorge walking is less challenging and so better suited to families, stag and hen dos and corporate groups.
– Canyoning requires a harness and uses smaller groups.
– Gorge walking is more suited to beginners.
– Canyoning encounters waterfalls.
– Canyoning is for those that want a thrill and a challenge.

Now that you know the key differences between gorge walking and canyoning, which do you prefer? At How Stean Gorge, we offer unique experiences for both gorge walking and canyoning so be sure to get in touch to find out more!