At How Stean Gorge, we offer exciting and challenging educational visits and residential packages in a safely-managed environment. For schools, this provides an opportunity for students and staff alike to venture out of the classroom whilst still building on important skills, such as teamwork and problem solving.

Why Choose Outdoor Education Activities at How Stean?

Outdoor school activities at How Stean Gorge offer a unique opportunity to swap the usual ‘playground’ for an alternative playground filled with natural formations and rivers. Give children the opportunity to explore Yorkshire surroundings alongside qualified instructors who can teach everyone the ways and make sure everyone is safe and sound.

It’s important to remember that learning isn’t limited to the classroom – outdoor education activities allow children to learn in a unique way where they don’t even feel like they’re learning. With the usual pressures of the classroom environment left behind, it isn’t uncommon for students to come out of their shell and gain confidence during our activities.

Outdoor Activity Centre With a Twist

How Stean Gorge stands out from your usual school activity centres; choose from canoeing, gorge walking, caving, and many more exhilarating activities. Encourage children to take a break from the electronics that they are often surrounded with, and instead give them the opportunity to stretch their legs, breathe in the fresh air, and have some fun!

These educational activities aren’t limited to schools, though. Outdoor education activities are brilliant for sports teams looking to grow the strength of the team away from their usual sport activity.

Activities to Suit Your Team

Choose from one of our ready-made packages of outdoor activities, or create a bespoke schedule for a single day or multi-day residential trip. We have every ability to work around your time frame and arrange the activities that you want to include most.

Give students the opportunity to build on friendships whilst making new ones, and also brush off the cobwebs from the school year so far.

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