It can be tricky to find sports team building activities that live up to the excitement of the sport itself, but we’ve got this covered with our group activities.

Does your mouthy centre-forward think they’re all that? See how their legs hold up when they’re clinging to the rockface! Is your tall Goal Shooter a bit too big for their boots? Knock them down a size with some tight squeezes in the caves!

Choose From a Variety of Group Sport Activities at How Stean Gorge

With the range of specialities in a sports team, we’d recommend diving into our flagship challenge – The Big 5. During a multi-event outdoor day, we take you on the toughest courses we’ve got, including our jaw-dropping Via Ferrata course. There’s something for everyone and it’ll involve teamwork to complete each event!

Alternatively, we have a whole range of other sports team building activities for teams looking for something less time-consuming. All of the Big 5 activities can be done in isolation, but we hold other activities that are also perfect for groups – choose from gorge walking after a 45ft abseil into the gorge itself, canyoning for those who are up to something a little more adventurous, rock climbing up sheer rock faces, and so much more.

Each of the sports group activities offer a fun challenge to everyone and all abilities. Engaging in a new activity is a great way of pushing the whole team slightly out of their comfort zone – but not too far. Experience the thrill as the team commence on an exhilarating activity, getting the blood pumping and hearts racing, with lots of laughs along the way.

The result is a strong team who have bonded together outside of the sport that they are familiar with. It’s a great opportunity to solidify friendships and work out how everyone works best as a team. What’s even better is that it can all be done in the great outdoors, giving the whole team the opportunity to engage in a physical and challenging activity. It’s a day they won’t forget!

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