How Stean Gorge’s new glass floor events space is finally open for business! If you’re looking for unusual conference venues and an events space you won’t forget, you’ve come to the right place.

This 96m2 space can comfortably fit large groups of people. You also have full control of the space during your allotted time, putting out tables and chairs or altering the room as you see fit. Be sure to contact us for the exact specifications and for any further enquiries.


Why Choose How Stean Gorge for a Conference Venue?

Unique conference venue - How Stean Gorge Conference Room

  • A Truly Unique View

When thinking of small conference venues, your mind might go straight to a plain, boring and stuffy room. Our unique space is as far from that imageĀ as you can imagine.

As soon as you are through the door, you have stunning views of the picturesque Yorkshire Dales and the floor-to-ceiling windows make sure that there is more than enough light during your event.

If that isn’t enough for you we have another treat in store, that even the most unusual conference venues cannot contend with. As pictured below, sections of the room have an amazing glass floor – looking down at the 45ft drop into the gorge below. This means during your conference or party you can be standing looking down, not only onto an amazing view, but other customers taking part the exciting activities beneath you.

  • Accommodation

A fantastic aspect of choosing How Stean Gorge as your unique conference venue or to hose your event or party is that we can offer some very fun and comfortable accommodation.

If you fancy camping in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales (with our fantastic facilities right outside your door!), then our lovely family-friendly campsite is the perfect choice. If you feel a bit more at home with a roof over your head, then you can try our Bunk Barn or even our Bunk House for larger groups!

Party Venue, How Stean Gorge in Nidderdale Conference Room

  • Cost

We know that every event and conference is unique, and comes with its own challenges and expectations. We don’t want you to be paying for anything you don’t want or need – so we will tailor the price of the day to your wants and needs!

The price of hiring out our conference space varies depending on group size. This is due to things suchs as the amount of time you need the room for, catering specifications and intended activities, for instance. If you would like to make an enquiry or find out more, please ring us on 01423 755666.

  • Press Approved

After hosting a press day to show the public our exciting new space, we were featured on BBC News and covered by various news outlets around the UK. Check out our blog that has links to all of these articles about our brilliant events space.

It would seem that national papers have more of an interest in unique conference venues than you might think – and they certainly liked ours!

Beautiful light in the events Room, Team Building Yorkshire Meeting room

  • Location

Located in the middle of the breath-taking Yorkshire Dales, How Stean Gorge is an idyllic area. You will have a full 180-degree view of the gorge, and you will have full access to our facilities and activities. We also have great transport links available to you. Not only do we have a mini-bus available for hire, but we can help you get to and from the local train and bus stations around Yorkshire as well.


Why not escape the stuffy room that normally goes hand in hand with conferences and try something truly unique? After your conference we have a number of activities that you can take part in: abseiling, gorge walking, canoeing and so much more. Not only are these a lot of fun, but they are also a fantastic way of building bonds and friendships with colleagues. A lot of our customers have found that it can be extremely beneficial to the productivity and morale of the workplace on their return!

If you are interested in hiring out our unusual conference venue, then contact us today. Whether it is putting together a professional conference or a party followed by fun activities, we’ll be happy to put together a package to suit your needs. At How Stean Gorge, we’re dedicated to helping you create a day you won’t forget!