How Stean Gorge’s activities are based around thrills, heights and often exploration. Although this makes for an extremely fun, adventure-filled day, it does mean that there is an element of danger if not taught correctly. This is why we ensure that all of our instructors are trained to an incredibly high standard and are fantastic at communicating clearly and efficiently to our customers. This creates a safe yet fun environment for all of our outdoor activities.

Yorkshire Dales Caving, Grassington

Recently one of our instructors – Tony Liddy, has gone the extra mile and become one of only 84 people in the country to be awarded the coveted ‘Cave Instructor Certificate’. This is the highest level of caving qualification that the British Caving Association (BCA) can award. It enables our very own Tony Liddy to instruct any aspect of caving activity, at any level, and to any type of client group. It has also given him full control and unlimited access to the caves in the UK. This is extremely exciting for How Stean as we can now take full advantage of the all the opportunities for caving in Yorkshire!

To even be considered for the qualification a trainee has to have had at least 4 years’ experience in different cave systems and be comfortable in both rigging and leading. They also need to have had some experience in Self Rescue techniques and both self-exploration and the teaching of others. With this experience and a lot more, the British Caving Association will then assess whether the candidate is suitable for the training course. This training course consists of teaching a wide range of techniques that will instruct candidates on how to take a group through both horizontal and vertical caving systems. Once the training is complete, the candidate takes a 6 month ‘consolidation period’ to train further and gain more experience.

After all of this is complete, the assessment takes place. This is an intense 5-day process in which a candidate must demonstrate a huge amount of ability in every single aspect of both caving and instructing novices in these dangerous settings. The fact that only 84 people have managed to pass this assessment shows that it is no easy feat!

Tony already has an outstanding portfolio of qualifications and experience in gorge walking, via ferrata, high ropes courses, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking. Now the level of experience and expertise he has in caving is staggering. It has given us full faith in Tony to lead any client caving and be sure that, not only will they be completely safe, but learn a lot as well. We are also lucky enough to have Tony’s brother, Dan, as an associate instructor at How Stean Gorge. He has also achieved the Cave Instructor Certificate from the British Caving Association, this makes them the only 2 brothers to hold the award!

Dan & Tony Liddy Caving
Tony and Dan Liddy – Awarded Top UK Caving Accolade


At How Stean Gorge, our incredible instructors don’t stop at Caving. All of our instructors are capable of teaching an array of different activities. We have a fantastic selection of brilliant teachers all ready to take you on an adventure-filled outdoor activity day. Whether it is gorge walking, rock climbing, canoeing or even heli-canyoning, we will find the perfect tailored activity day for you at whatever difficulty level you see fit! Book with us now online or to find out more call us on 01423 755666.