“For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality. Increasingly, nature is something to watch, to consume, to wear – to ignore.”

Richard Louv – Last Child in the Woods.

Two out of three parents now believe that their children have less freedom to roam than free-range chickens – but no matter where you look you find adults who would like to see children benefitting from greater freedom to explore outdoors.

At How Stean Gorge we celebrate children’s freedom to explore in the outdoors. We love sharing the wonders of the natural world and helping children connect to landscapes, to each other and to their own creativity – and we know that there are many benefits of outdoor fun for kids!

What are your top reasons for wanting to bring children to places like How Stean Gorge?

1. Happiness, Health and Creativity

Time in “Nature’s Health Service” can bring benefits to any of us, but regular, open access to natural places can be especially important for engaging and stimulating children in ways which enhance their lives and encourage greater understanding of themselves, their abilities and their world.

If you worry about Nature Deficit Disorder, the “countryside effect” may be the answer – never underestimate the benefits of outdoor activities. This suggests regular visits to places like How Stean Gorge help children to concentrate better, have greater self-discipline, work better in teams and much, much more – and all of that is in addition to any fitness and physical health benefits!

*** 92% of adults who get active outdoors do so to relax and de-stress***

2. Space for Kids to be Kids

Many parents believe the outdoors is the ultimate environment to let kids be kids and have fun. To give your child the best growing up years of exploring, pushing boundaries and simply being happy and having fun, encouraging play outdoors is hard to beat!

Being in the outdoors can work really well for children wanting to join in with games and make friends. Many come out of their shells and the magic discovered through outdoor play doesn’t just wear off the moment the outdoor play ends.

*** 90% of adults who get active outdoors do so to have fun with friends ***

3. Self-Belief and Resilience

These days, everyone’s talking about adaptability, resourcefulness and developing through challenging experiences. That’s our speciality at How Stean Gorge!

One in five adults who are active in the outdoors do so for the challenges and focus on personal achievement/reaching a goal. Enjoyment famously comes from developing a sense of control and discovering things about oneself: experiences which can start young!

At How Stean Gorge, even primary aged children can get started in gorge walking, caving, abseiling, Via Ferrata and more!

*** 37% of adult adventurers first started with their family ***

4. Care for the Environment

As David Attenborough says, “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced” – which is a great reason to come and simply spend time exploring from our facility in Upper Nidderdale!

Because we believe nothing really beats family time in the outdoors we’ve created specialist action-packed family days out and fun for kids offer for those wanting great experiences in the Yorkshire Dales.

*** 40% of the adults would prefer to take their exercise outdoors, primarily for the fresh air ***

5. Developing Great Habits for a Lifetime?

We all know that being active in the outdoors can become a habit. This is especially true where being active in the outdoors starts when it is with parents and the family. This can be the basis for lifestyle choices which bring benefits throughout our lives.

How Stean Gorge is a great place to nurture an attachment to outdoor lifestyles!

*** 43% of adults who are active in the outdoors started before they were 15 years old ***

Making it happen…

There are many, many benefits of outdoor play for kids. For a thrilling day out for all the family, visit our website and have a look at the activities on offer. We also offer exclusive outdoor school activities, which are the ultimate learning and bonding experience for your child and their class mates.

For more information on all our outdoor activities, visit our website and have a browse!