Action-Packed Family Days Out in Yorkshire

If you’re searching for fun-filled family days out in Yorkshire, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Visit us to explore a natural wonder on your family day out.

We have some wonderful family activities in Yorkshire. The gorge itself is a formation of spectacular limestone with winding pathways, narrow bridges, underground caves, and an active stream containing natural rocks and boulders. As a family, you can explore these winding paths and caves armed with your hard hat (watch your head!) and torch. The paths are also ideal for children to explore as there’s something interesting around every corner.

You’ll find fossils forever frozen in the rocks beneath your feet whilst you search for bugs and beasts. You’ll also see the clean water beneath the bridges and may even spot a trout or two. You might even see an otter come for his lunch! Bats lurk in the caves too, but they’ll be more frightened of you than you are of them!

Having a large variety of activities allows us to provide unforgettable family experience days in Yorkshire. Our special Yorkshire gem has become quite the hub for family fun, with each of our activities and visitor attractions offering something for all ages and abilities. Additionally, our instructors will lead you through the activities to make sure everyone is having as much fun as possible, whilst also making sure that everyone is safe. So decide whether you want to get soggy on our splash-worthy gorge walking activity, or whether you would rather embark on a high-wire adventure with our Via Ferrata course. Whatever your family’s preference, you’re bound to have an unforgettable day out. There are no other family activities in Yorkshire like those with us at How Stean Gorge! Not only do you get to have fun as a family, but you get to do so in majestic and natural surroundings.

Our website is a directory of information about each of our activities, and if you have young kids, check out our Outdoor Fun for Kids page below to find out why How Stean Gorge is suitable for them.

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