Instead of the usual date night where you go for drinks and a meal, many couples enjoy switching it up and trying something new. Outdoor activities provide the perfect time for couples to enjoy each other’s company whilst relishing in the adventure of the activity. Research suggests that performing challenging activities together can have a positive impact on the relationship, with coupes that explore new areas of interest together being more satisfied in their relationship.

This blog post will explore 3 of the best outdoor activities for couples that are perfect for the adventure-seeking types, and also give a few more details about how taking part in activities as a couple can positively impact your relationship.


  1. Canoeing

canoeing is one of the best outdoor activities for couples

Not only is canoeing incredibly fun, it’s an ideal activity for couples to enjoy the serenity of nature. It’s also very different from kayaking! Canoeing is a great way for couples to take a relaxing paddle whilst exploring any hidden creeks in waterways as well as spectating the local wildlife. The key to successful canoeing is communication – something which couples should be great at! But if not, these communication mishaps in the canoe often become those amusing memories recalled anytime a canoe is mentioned.

How Stean Gorge has the sole rights to use the beautiful Yorkshire Water’s Scarhouse Reservoir. Your instructor will teach you the basic techniques so you can enjoy the beautiful Yorkshire scenery from the safety of your canoe, whilst having fun with your partner.


  1. Hiking

outdoor activities for couples include rock climbing

Simple, yet effective. Hiking is a great activity for enhancing your ability to work together as a couple whilst being at one with nature. Planning your route can also be an exciting part of the activity, planning places to stop for a bite to eat as well as where you’re going to walk. Walking holidays are becoming ever more popular for couples as the UK is exemplary for places to hike, such as the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, the Peak district and the Scottish Isles.

At How Stean Gorge we offer the Yorkshire 3-Peaks Challenge. A nation-wide famous long-distance walks that offers idyllic views of the Yorkshire Dales whilst climbing the three most famous hill in the Yorkshire Dales: Penn-y-Ghent, Great Whernside and Ingleborough in just one day. Perfect for couples that want to give themselves the extra challenge.


  1. Rock Climbing

rock climbing for couples

This high energy activity makes you feel alive whilst you support and encourage your partner onwards and upwards. Rock climbing is brilliant for couples as much of it is a two man operation. Bouldering – although it can be done by yourself – is more fun with someone else, along with top roping and lead climbing of which require a partner.

If yourself and your partner have some previous rock climbing experience and fancy a challenge, How Stean Gorge offers Via Ferrata. As one of only three courses available in the UK, via Ferrata offers a thrilling way of viewing the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. For more information about this exciting course, check out our website!


Benefits for your Relationship

Performing these outdoor activities as a couple not only creates amazing memories but it also helps keep your romance alive! This can be due to the endorphins released during exercise, which are transferred onto your partner, increasing your positive feelings towards each other.

Studies have also suggested that couples who explore new areas of interest together are more satisfied in their relationship. Also, simple things like the encouragement given to each other whilst performing these activities can help increase your appreciation for one another, as well as enhancing your communication skills.


We hope that this post has given you some ideas of couples outdoor activities and inspired you to have a go! If any of these activities have caught your eye, and you and your partner would like to give it a go, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at How Stean Gorge!

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