Most people will be aware that the Vikings were farmers who settled in the Dales. Many of the words used in our daily life were given to us by them. 

I remember Lofthouse being pronounced Loftus named from Old Norse ‘loft’, ‘upper storey’ + hús ‘house’, the last being derived from the dative plural form, húsum. If it had a window vindauga (wind eye) you might see some of to set there snares.(Snares) 

  1. How Stean Beck was given its name by the Vikings being called Ho Stean Beck :Trough – Stone –Stream.  
  1. The cave called Tom Taylors cave tömma (Empty) and håla (cave) Tomma Hala Tom Taylor  

Many of the leaders had nick names such as Eric Haraldsson, nicknamed Eric Bloodaxe, he was a 10th-century Norwegian ruler. It is widely speculated that he had short-lived terms as King of Norway and twice as King of Northumbria.(North Humber) and Erik the Red. … Erik Thorvaldsson.

One of the lesser known Vikings a man with a red beard was known as Rudoff the Red. If you look at the left hand wall of our carpark you will see a wall that was built by the Vikings of his tribe. 

This image was taken Nov 2015.

Svetlana Fladung, from Blackburn, spotted the ghostly image in her photo


When he first moved into the area before building their long houses for a while he lived in the Empty Cave Tom Hala. 

Lots of people like to trace their ancestors to see if they have any Viking blood in them, I think I take after Rudoff. Any way I digress. 



The story goes that one day her indoors sends Rudoff out of the cave to see if it was raining. If you are in that cave it is wet most of the time and she was looking after the hund and barns, (dog & bairns) and maybe watching a soap or soup. 

 So off trots Ruddof the Red to the bottom entrance of the cave where they collect their water. Looking up in the air he can see the blå sky and water dripping from the leaves there was no ragn. (Rain) 

So off he trots back inside to give his report to his loved one. Now she was used to getting fake news from Hubby so she sent Ruddof back outside again. She wasnt going to put her washing out if it was still raining and he had water droppar (droplets) on his clothes and his röd beard(Red) 

So off out he goes again this time avoiding getting wet from the dripping wet twiggs (Twiggs)Ja the sky is still blå and the sun is shining. Back inside to report. Its stoppad (stopped) dear.  

Are you sure ? you have still got fresh water on you go and look again. Now Ruddof is getting the idea he is being used a bit like a dipstick. This time he avoids the dripping stalactite and dripping trees, and ja the sun is shining and the birds are singing overhead 

Once again he goes inside avoiding the dripping stalactite to give his report.  

Is it still raining she says as she looks at him?  

As his Viking blood begins to boil he says “everybody knows Roddof the Red knows rain dear 


Det mesta är sant.