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The great scone/scone debate

Okay, this debate has been going on for many years around the country. Is it scone? Or is it scone? Hmmm, I can see a problem here – they both say the same when written down, but whichever one you say, I bet you think that the other way is the posh way.
Jayne (far from posh) says scone as in “gone”. This makes the fastest cake in the West joke make perfect sense.
I, on the other hand (also far from posh) say scone as in “Bone”

It depends on who makes them as to what we sell in the shop here at the gorge.

My theory is that its geographical. My family are originally from Halifax and that’s what we say (they also call a bap/ bread bun/ barm a teacake which my Mum found out is actually a bap with currants in when we first moved over here). Jayne was brought up locally in Pateley Bridge and most people around here follow her in the pronunciation of “scone”.

Whichever way you say it, I’m sure, like us, you will argue til you’re blue in the face that you are right and everybody else is very, very wrong!

Even though we make a fabulous scone here, we have tried and tried to find a decent gluten free scone recipe. The ones we have tried have been pretty uneventful and to be fair could only be classed as a biscuit – even with a dollop of jam and cream it’s not really brought them back to life. So, if anyone has any lovely tips or a recipe that we can have a play with, please feel free to share with us. Any help would be gratefully received by us and of course, our gluten free customers.

Until next time,
Enjoy cake xx