raft building yorkshireRafting in Yorkshire – Build Your Own Raft!

Raft building is an exciting activity that will require a good sense of humour and communication in order to stay afloat and moving! Plan, design and construct a raft using barrels, poles and rope to escape your deserted island.

What to Expect

In your teams, you will be set the task of planning the best way to design and build a raft, using nothing more than barrels, poles, rope and your creativity! Once you’ve built your ‘sea-worthy’ raft, you’ll test it on the water (but not in the sea – don’t worry!)

Working in teams you will work out the best way to plan, design and build your own raft, then take it on the water to test it. It’s a fun activity as you race in teams to see who finishes first and has the most successful raft. Whilst playing games and completing challenges you’ll learn about knots, being resourceful, planning, construction, organisation, communication and trust.

Personal Development

There are several personal development benefits to be gained from abseiling – especially rewarding if you’re trying it as part of a school trip or team building activity:

  • Strengthen communication skills – Listening and being receptive to each other’s ideas is the only way you’ll build a good raft to hold all of you!
  • Learn to trust – You’ll need to trust each other’s judgement and that the raft will safely carry you all.
  • Build self-confidence – Raft building is an effective way to develop self-belief and confidence to build resilience and have the confidence to voice your suggestions in a team dynamic.
  • Become reflective – Evaluating your own and others’ experience in order to spot strengths and weaknesses to build on for next time!

*This activity is also available as a residential or school day trip activity. Please see our educational package details here.

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