Bouldering in Yorkshire

bouldering in yorkshire

Bouldering is more challenging than it might look! A great way to experience rock climbing without the height, bouldering is a type of low-level climbing but without ropes or harnesses and allows climbers to practise before testing out their skills higher up.

What to Expect

Boulding in Yorkshire is not only fun but gives you access to some of the most beautiful views! Similar to rock climbing but without the rope, we’ll show you how to navigate those trickier moves and develop your climbing technique at our favourite spot, on the clusters of gritstone and limestone rocks at Brimham Rocks. These rocks are famous over their country for their unique shape and labyrinth-like formation. They are also perfect for rock climbing as they have natural foot and handholds that make them perfect for beginners, but can also become a bit of a challenge if desired!

During your bouldering session, your instructor will help you learn where to look for footholds and where to hold onto when moving up a rock face so that you can climb with confidence. The same techniques we use for rock climbing are used for bouldering so bouldering is a great stepping stone for those with a fear of heights. Boulder at your own pace and build on your skills by drawing on guidance from your instructor and teammates.

Personal Development

There are several personal development benefits to be gained from bouldering – especially rewarding if you’re trying it as part of a school trip or team building activity:

  • Strengthen communication skills – Listening and being receptive to instructions is important when considering which foot or hand to move next during bouldering
  • Learn to trust – Learning to take the instructor’s advice when a bouldering move looks impossible is all about trust!
  • Build self-confidence – Bouldering is an effective way to develop self-belief and confidence to try new and scary things, overcome fears and build resilience – especially when you think you might fall!
  • Become reflective¬†– Evaluating your own and others’ experience in order to spot strengths and weaknesses to build on for next time!

*This activity is also available as a residential or school day trip activity. Please see our educational package details here.

You will just need comfortable clothing and trainers. All safety equipment is supplied but we recommend you bring clothing suitable for the days prevailing weather.

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