How Stean Gorge – Nature’s Playground

A day out at Yorkshire’s own nature’s playground. How Stean Gorge involves a great trip to get here travelling up dale to beautiful Nidderdale, An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Winding and twisting roads slow you down to the laid back pace of the Upper Dale. The gorge, a steep sided chasm is almost a kilometre in length and up to 20 metres (80 feet) deep. Follow winding paths and aerial footbridges along the ravine.  Explore dark caves by torchlight or experience one of our exhilarating outdoor adventure activities including the new Via Ferrata – 1 of only 2 in England! Whatever the weather, the gorge is a special place to be!

Great Day Out – Loved walking around this magical areaLeoAresAthena

How Stean Gorge is a natural playground for gorge walking and gorge scrambling enthusiasts thats an exciting Yorkshire day out, set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales yet only 40 miles from York & 35 from Leeds. It is also a natural choice to escape the stresses of everyday life. Armed with hard hat and torch, you can explore the river’s edge, scrambling over boulders and venturing across aerial footbridges, which transport you safely from one side of the ravine to the other, where you can explore cave systems and tunnels.

nature's playground at How Stean Gorge, Yorkshire - Children exploring trails by the waters edge -

When it’s dry, the gorge provides a picturesque, sheltered site for relaxation and a scenic walk by the peaceful river. After rain, it is dramatic! You can see and feel the power of water as the torrents gush through and over the rocks, creating gurgling whirlpools. When it’s cold, dramatic ice formations turn the landscape into something resembling Narnia. Whatever the weather, the gorge is a special place to be!

Absolutely amazing, we visited with an age range of 4-67 and everyone loved every minute Definitely recommend. Hirstz- Leeds

Make the most of exploring the caves and tunnels

If you are feeling adventurous, explore ‘Tom Taylor’s Cave’ which takes you deep underground. Tom Taylor was reputedly a Highwayman who used to hide in the cave with his ill-gotten gains! There is one point on the journey through where you get dripped on – look up at this point and you will see a stalactite. The 300 foot tunnel leads to a cave from where you can clamber out and emerge in the middle of the camp site! See if you can spot a bat or two.

Children bending low under rock - nature's playground - How Stean Gorge, Yorkshire

50 Seat Cafe

When you have completed you trip around the gorge have a hearty meal in our cafe and enjoy good value wholesome food.

cafe at nature's playground, How Stean Gorge, Yorkshire

A proper cup of tea

Just like fine whisky, it’s not the malt barley that makes the taste, it’s the water that gives the flavour. The same brand of tea drunk across Yorkshire will taste entirely different according to the water source. And no, we don’t grow local tea! Here at How Stean we still use spring water, and that is gives you its special taste. A grand cup of tea. Oh yes, you get a free pot refill, just what you need on a Yorkshire day out.

We’re close to the dales market towns of Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale and Masham in Wensleydale. Don’t forget your shopping bags.

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