Sports teams need to be close-knit to work effectively. Our sports team building activities for teenagers push you and your teammates to the limits, helping individuals to conquer their fears and come out stronger on the other side.

Whether you’re a football or netball team, athletics squad or a rag-tag bunch of sporting casuals, How Stean Gorge challenges a sports team to try something different and test everyone’s abilities.

Reap the Benefits of Team Building for Youth Sports

The benefit of team building for youth sports is that it gives all members of the team a chance to truly bond, let their hair down, and enjoy themselves. None of the pressures experienced when playing sport, just a chance to change scenery and experience something new. This refreshing change can go a long way in igniting passion and fun back into a sports team!

Equally, our activities are a brilliant way of dusting off the cobwebs at the beginning of the season, or a way of having fun after a season has finished. Your team will be thankful of the fun experience to be had here at How Stean, and it certainly isn’t a trip that they will forget any time soon! You might start with a bit of fun gorge walking, but you’ll leave being ready for canyoning. Challenge yourself and your team to something you have yet to try! You might be an expert on the pitch but expand your abilities to a new playground – it’s beneficial both physically and mentally.

Sports Team Building Activities at How Stean Gorge

Our team building activities aren’t directed at the sportiest and fittest of teams, but are instead suitable for all abilities. Our qualified instructors are always on hand to make sure no man is left behind, and the activities can be adapted to the abilities of the team.

It can be hard to find sports team building activities for teenagers, which is why we’d recommend diving into our ultimate challenge – The Big 5. On this multi-event outdoor day, we take your team on the toughest but most exciting courses that we’ve got, including our Via Ferrata course.

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