Bespoke Delivery of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Units

  1. Uniformed Public Services Courses Level 1 -3
  2. Sport Courses Level 2 -3

Do you want the best for your students? We offer exciting and challenging uniformed public services courses to colleges. Our friendly, qualified team can offer bespoke unit delivery to you. Caving in Yorkshire Outdoor CentreWe can deliver full or partial unit assessment for any of the main awarding bodies. The full service includes assignment writing, delivery of unit content and assessment. We also provide specific learning outcomes from your own assignments. e.g. the practical content. It’s totally flexible, talk to us to get your perfect tailored programme.

Tried and Tested Programmes.

We base our programmes on tried and tested learning models. We can also deliver individually tailored sessions to suit each group of learners. It is challenging and most importantly (for the students) fun. How Stean Gorge is the ideal location as most elements of the uniformed public services courses take place right here on the site. Other activities are based little more than a stone’s throw away.

We spend more time ‘doing’ than travelling.

Our experienced team can bring to life what (for many students) is only available in today’s virtual world. Explore the depths of Yorkshire’s caves, paddle canoes on wild open water and cling to rock faces on the Via Ferrata. Plunge into the vertical walled gorge on an abseil rope. Then, overcome fast flowing water by working together to reach the higher parts of How Stean Gorge.

Canyoning Yorkshire with How Stean Gorge's Outdoor Adventure Team

Other public services that use our facilities.

We have worked closely with public services such as UWFRA, the local fell and cave rescue team. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service HART Team have trained here. The army also use the venues as part of their adventure training programmes. Many sports teams have recognised that we can offer the ideal team building activities and booked sessions with our specialist instructors. These organisations recognise that How Stean Gorge offers unique experiences that adds value to the development of their team.


Why not give your students a taste of real adventure with lessons and experiences that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

The perfect place for your uniformed public services courses.

With a 3-star camp site and four 8 man tent to hire, it’s the perfect location to learn and grow.

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