What to wear Gorge Walking & Ghyll Scrambling?

Gorge Walking is one of the most exciting activities here at How Stean Gorge. This activity involves abseiling over forty five feet into the gorge from the bridge, then we head onto an adventure into the depths of our ancient gorge. Climbing waterfalls, sliding down rapids, jumping into plunge pools. There’s also the opportunity to explore 2 caves. It is a true adventure.

Gorge Walking Water Slide.


What we provide…

We provide all the technical equipment required for your Gorge Walking & Ghyll Scrambling adventure.

First to go on is your canyoning wetsuit. This will be tailor fitted by your instructor to ensure a snug fit, the tighter the better.

We use some of the warmest wetsuits available. Selands “Riolan” two-piece wetsuits are perfect for gorge walking with 10mm of neoprene around the torso and 5mm on the arms and legs you will be warm without sacrificing movement.

The suits come with re-enforced pads perfect for sliding down rocky slides. To keep you warm even in the coldest of weathers we will provide thick neoprene socks and gloves when it is necessary.


Head Dunking How Stean

Next your instructor will fit you with a harness and helmet. We use robust DMM & CAMP harness’s that are easy to fit to a wide range of body type. These harnesses are used by many climbers and mountaineers who choose them for their simple operation and reliability.

Your helmet will be a Petzl panga favoured by centres for their ease of use and modular design, this means they are easily cleaned and serviced. On some sessions the instructor may fit the group with buoyancy aids, this may be because of an individual’s swimming ability or the water levels.

Don’t worry about your swimming ability Gorge walking, Ghyll Scrambling and Canyoning is suitable for swimmers and non swimmers alike, the best thing to do is talk to your instructor honestly about your ability before the session they will be able to tailor the session so that is appropriate.

This type of equipment is called PPE (personal protective equipment) this means its primary function is to keep you safe. An instructor will check your PPE is fitted correctly before the session begins. All How stean gorge PPE is regularly inspected by qualified staff to ensure it is fit for use.


What you need to bring and not need to bring?

Don’t worry about what you need to bring its easy. A swimming costume to go under your wetsuit, a pair of old trainers or boots to put on your feet and a spare change of clothes and a towel for after your shower.

A swimming costume or trunks are perfect for going under your wetsuit, your wetsuit will keep you warm any other layers under your wetsuit will only make you colder.


🙂 Trainers or boots are the perfect shoes to wear they are grippy and supportive as well as stopping your feet from being hurt on any rocks.

🙁 Beach shoes, wellies, flip flops and crocs are all unsuitable either due to lack of support or toe covering.


If in any doubt over what to wear, please call before your session. How stean gorge is equipped with hot showers with underfloor heating, we recommend a towel and change of clothes to make full use of the facilities.