We’re all familiar with the conventional concept of a hen and stag do before a couple marry, but its slightly alternative counterpart is becoming increasingly popular with soon-to-wed couples. A hag do and sten do are both celebrations that we are starting to see more of at How Stean Gorge.

What is a Hag and Sten Do?

Some couples are choosing to combine their hen and stag dos into one celebration that they can both enjoy together. This means that both the bride and groom and their chosen friends/family attend together, and this is often referred to as a hag do, or sometimes a sten do.

Benefits of a Hag/Sten Do

It isn’t uncommon for a bride and groom to share friends together, and in these cases it can be a shame not to celebrate with all of them together! Rather than splitting the group into males for the stag do and females for the hen do, a combined celebration allows everyone to enjoy the do together.

This also means that the bride and groom both get to enjoy their pre-wedding celebrations with each other! This is particularly appealing if both share the same interests and would be interested in engaging in the same sort of activity for their celebrations.

Planning the Perfect Hag Do/Sten Do

As with hen and stag dos, a hag and sten do involves some organisation. In some cases, it can involve more pre-planning as you’re likely to be catering for a more diverse range of people and interests.

As a couple, sit down and think of the types of activities you would both enjoy doing. Perhaps something lowkey, like dinner and drinks? Or, something a little more outdoors-based and adventurous? You might even decide to separate the parties during some of the activities, and join up in the evening for combined celebrations. Either way, think of what is going to work best for you both.

Hag Do Ideas

Hag Do Ideas

If a combined celebration sounds like something that appeals to you, we have a few brilliant and unique outdoor hag and sten do ideas. We have a brilliant adventure hen weekend package and stag weekend package that are also perfect for a hag/sten do.

At How Stean Gorge, one of these packages involves a jam-packed, exhilarating day of 5 of our biggest activities: Via Ferrata, Abseiling, Gorge Walking/Ghyll Scrambling, Caving, and Canoeing. The day begins with an energy-fuelled breakfast before starting the day of activities. To finish off, we shuttle you into either Harrogate or Leeds for a night of celebrations, followed by a big breakfast the next day.

Alternatively, our 3-day stag weekend package involves a BBQ onsite and Brewery tour at Theakstons, followed by the Big 5 and an evening in Harrogate. The do is finished off with a hearty full English breakfast on the Sunday morning.

Although we’ve divided these days into what we find that most hens and stags want, we do offer the opportunity to create a tailored package, which is perfect for a hag do!

For outdoor hag do ideas that can be done in a day rather than over a weekend, any of our outdoor activities are perfect for groups. Whether you’d like a canoeing expedition or a walk and abseil into the gorge itself, our exhilarating activities make an unforgettable hag do!

Are you considering a hag/sten do before your nuptials? Visit our website to get inspiration for a range of outdoor activities at spectacular locations in Yorkshire. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like an further information regarding our activities.