New Extension Due this Summer.

Work is already under way with our glass floored event & viewing area. Get to the front of the queue and book your event early.

Team Building at How Stean (Little Switzerland) !

Importance of Team Building Giving everyone the opportunity to leave their normal work environment and interact with each other in team building in a unique and completely different setting like How Stean Gorge can also help them think differently and, of course, help them improve personal and professional skills. We know that another huge advantage […]

‘Outstanding day’ with How Stean Gorge

Offline Message left on 19 Apr 2017, 05:55 PM (GMT+0) Dear Howstean team, My 10 year old son and I visited your centre today to do the Big 5. I would just like to pass on my sincerest appreciation for an outstanding day from walking into the cafe and being given a nice hot coffee […]

How Stean Blog May 2017

How Stean Blog May 2017 Little Beauties A family of birds which I always enjoy are the flycatchers, no prizes for guessing why they are so called and by definition almost the name suggests they must be migrants and indeed they are, after all we don’t get many insects in Stean in winter. What we […]

Jayne’s Mega Awesome Scones

Jayne’s Mega Awesome Scones The great scone/scone debate Okay, this debate has been going on for many years around the country. Is it scone? Or is it scone? Hmmm, I can see a problem here – they both say the same when written down, but whichever one you say, I bet you think that the […]

Clare’s Crispy Yorkshire Puddings

“Clare, can you do something on the blog?” says Monty. “Er……yer…….suppose” says I.  But what on earth am I going to blog about? I’m thinking I will be asked to do this again so I’m going to start simple then I have somewhere to go. Do people want to hear me waffle? Probably not! Do […]

Some people will have a lichen for this.

Looks like we have a lot of posh sounding residents living in the gorge. How Stean Gorge listHow Stean Gorge summary And you just thought it was small green goo.  

The Cabin Cafe at Scar House – Now open weekends 12.00-16.00

The Cabin will be open on fine weekends for Cakes, Ice Creams, Drinks and Tourist Information The Nidderdale Rambler bus service will be running Sunday & Monday stopping at Harrogate, Brimham Rock, Pateley & Upper Nidderdale – visit for times  

How Stean Blog March 2017

How Stean Blog March 2017   They Elevated Burn’s Soul … The Curlew One of our most loved birds is surely the curlew and it is especially loved by those who encounter them on their breeding grounds on, amongst other places, the hills of Nidderdale. Most loved perhaps for their delightful evocative, almost atmospheric, call, […]