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Canyoning differs greatly from its little brother Gorge Walking / Ghyll Scrambling, which we run here at How Stean Gorge.

Many outdoor providers offer Canyoning, but unfortunately miss sell the customer Gorge Walking and do not deliver  a true Canyoning Experience. We are currently 1 of the 2 providers which offer this product in Yorkshire and one of a very small handful in UK that offers a true Canyoning experience.

If you are up for a challenge then this is the one for you. A full day descending one of the very best Canyons in the UK.

Booking - Please call or email to check your chosen dates. Canyoning is a very specialist activity and we need to make sure we have instructors available on your chosen date.

£120 inc Vat

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So what is Canyoning?

Canyoning is the descent of a steep water course which will include using more advanced techniques than those typically used in Gorge Walking & Ghyll Scrambling.

Due to the nature of the terrain you will encounter multiple small & large abseils, Jumps, Drops, technical climbing/down climbing and slides.

Your guide will teach you the various rope work techniques and technical skills required to descend the chosen venue safely.

A moderate fitness level will be required to participate in this activity. As this is a step  up from our usual activities.

Some of the Canyons we use will involve a walk of up to 1 hour to access the venue, with 4+ hours to then descend the Canyon. The walk is well worth the effort for this amazing day.


Venues and Timings (Approx)

Our Head of Outdoor Education and Adventure will personally contact you to discuss venue options, equipment sizing and logistics.

The majority of our venues are in the How Gills, Yorkshire and Lake District, Cumbria. Collection in our bus can be arranged if passing your area.

As this activity does not take place onsite at How Stean Gorge we will NOT be meeting here first, unless you are staying in our accommodation.

09.00 - Meet @ Cafe near selected venue for briefing and a bite to eat if required, then travel to venue.

09.45 - Kit up and start walk in to venue

10.30 - Arrive at head of Canyon, Group Demos and Briefs. Then Start decent of the Canyon.

13.30 - A quick bite to eat, at this point as we will still be enclosed in the Canyon.

16.00 - Exit and head for cars and get changed.

One of our most popular Venues

On the edge of North Yorkshire, Cautley Spout is the highest above ground cascade waterfall in England ,during the winter (if conditions prevail) it is a well known a winter climbing route.

Cautley Spout is a steep water course which consists of 9 abseils, 2 of which are 30m+ (the largest is 101ft)  . The water levels are dependent on the prevailing conditions but a few jumps are possible into some of the deeper pools.


Canyoning FAQs

Individual or group?

For this activity to run we need a minimum of 2 people.

Our Ratios?

For our Canyoning days we work in smaller ratios with a maximum of 1 Guide to 6 Participants.

Fitness and ability?

You will need to have a moderate fitness level to participate in the activity. Some of the Canyons we use will involve a walk of up to 1 hour to access the venue, with 4+ hours to then descend the Canyon. If your not sure if this is for you we recommend you come along and try our half day Bridge Abseil & Gorge Walking session. Then you will have a good gauge on your ability and your instructor will be able to provide you feedback if required.

What do i need to bring?

You will need swimwear to wear underneath the wetsuit and an old pair of shorts to wear over the top to protect the wetsuit bottom and yours! For footwear we recommend you bring along trainers and you will also need a towel for drying off afterwards. We will supply all your personal safety/protective equipment, wetsuits, neoprene socks, gloves & hood

Minimum age?

Sorry, this is our only activity where you need to be over 14 years old.