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The Gorge

How Stean Gorge is a natural, rugged wonder and features a maze of walkways over different surfaces including rocks and sloping footpaths which have been carved into the ravine. The rocks near the water are always slippery and suitable footwear is essential. We supply hard hats which we recommend you wear to explore the gorge and cave.

Risk Management Summary

Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata Experience is led by one of our approved experienced guides to ensure the adventure is as safe as possible. Each session starts with a briefing to assess the skills and abilities of each group member. Then everyone gets equipped for a practice session. This is to build confidence before progressing to the main via ferrata course. There is a buddy system to encourage team members to look after one another and to ensure everyone gets through the course safely. All safety equipment is provided and each person is strapped into a harness as required.

Each participant is responsible for attaching their own cow tails onto the fixed stainless steel cable. There is always a connection with the cable as there are two tails. There is also a length of rope between the harness and the steel cable which is slack enabling you to climb freely, if anyone loses their grip they may fall a short distance. During the abseil, you are always on a tight rope and a safety line and cannot fall.

There is an opportunity to make an early exit if you or any other participants wish to discontinue.

It is, however, paramount that each participant adheres to the instructions of the guides at all times to ensure their own safety and that of other Gorge users.